Rose Carmen: The Inspirational Wedding Gifting Emporium


Are you ready to skip the next ‘hen’ or ‘stag’ do littered with penis popsicles and L-plates? Want to avoid a kitchen filled with identical bouquets of engagement flowers? Or are you bored of attending weddings decorated by the same bunting and cursive font? No matter what stage of the wedding process, there’s a time to celebrate - but with Rose Carmen you can now do it without the clichés normally reserved for such occasions.

There’s no need to stick to the same old traditions – celebrate your differences. Capture your favourite couple’s humour, flare, quirks and creativity with unique gifts.  Rose Carmen is an inspirational wedding emporium, launched to combat the fixed formulas of the wedding market. Whether you’re the one getting hitched or the one planning a fab send-off party, we’ve got you covered with a curated collection of beautiful, inclusive and fun presents. 


We’ve sourced the very best products from the most exciting and creative independent designers. Rose Carmen is a luxury marketplace that offers a little something for everyone. You might want to pamper yourself with a silk pyjama set before your big day, find a framed illustration for your favourite arty couple, or source some fun accessories to say thanks to your pals.  We are here to provide customised gifts that are made to last. 

Our selection of personal products, made by undiscovered international artisans, means that you’ll be receiving or gifting something that is truly special. Hand-crafted accessories treat to yourself, or a token of love for your relatives - turn the moments around marriage into lasting memories.


Rose Carmen was founded by Alice Rose and Camila Carmen, two Londoners in their 30s, who know the wedding scene inside out. One originally from ‘up north’ and the other ‘down south’ they were united in London through their passion for creativity. Their shared aesthetic and magpie eyes,  breadth of experience in the fashion and arts industries, and recurring involvement in all things wedding related spurred them on to create something together: Rose Carmen - get ready to be inspired…


Written by Hannah Lemon

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