IVY WILD is a hair products company located in Birmingham UK, which caters specifically for wavy, curly and kinky hair types. Presenting a collection of 5 oil-infused products; an essential ingredient for hair types with a curl pattern as hair strands require moisture and hydration to remain strong and healthy. 

IVY WILD have one vision and one goal: to create products designed to bridge the diversity gap, focusing on the needs of customers so they can truly express and embody their inner beauty.

Not only do customers need products that work on their wavy, curly and kinky hair types; but they also need products that deliver easy solutions to styling options. Every formula we create is designed to nourish and love every one of your hair strands.
IVY WILD believe in raising the standards within the hair community. The entire range is compliant with the EU Cosmetic Regulations and they do not test on animals.


IVY WILD pride themselves in using friendly hair care ingredients as well as caring for the environment by ensuring that all packaging is recyclable.